Freedom4Health is a campaigning organisation that wishes to see the natural health market flourish through honest and responsible explanations, advertisements, promotional and educational materials. We are concerned with any arbitrary and unnecessary stops being placed on individuals and companies through on-line (and off-line) bullying and attempts to repress legal advertising through biased and unclear adjudication processes or misrepresenting being a government organisation.

Freedom4Health Choice

You have the right to choose your own health system, to promote it responsibly as a practitioner and have easy access to information about the successes of different treatments as a user.  It should not be suppressed.
Don’t let the ASA or others cut across this right.

Freedom4Health Action

We would like to hear from any practitioners or companies that have had a bad experience with the Advertising Standards Authority and would like to share their experiences with us and/or to take further action to right any wrongs.
Please contact us at contact@freedom4health.com

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Natural Health Successes

Have a look through some of the 19 videos we have put together on different aspects of natural health. Testimonials to natural health therapies, bias from the ASA and how people have resolved problems.
You can view them on our YouTube Channel.