In the UK and throughout the world, non-mainstream approaches to health and natural living are struggling to survive.
Right the Injustice
The UK Advertising Standards Authority continues to show disregard for evidence when investigating the advertising of complementary, holistic and integrative medicine.
It's all About Choice
F4H believes that consumers can be trusted in making their own decisions whether they want to see a complementary practitioner or a GP about a physical complaint or both.

Campaigning for equality for all healthcare providers

Freedom4Health has been created to help establish a level playing field for practitioners of natural and complementary medicine.

Non-mainstream approaches to health are being adversely affected because they are faced with arbitrary hurdles put in place by a regulatory system that is institutionally biased in favour of the large food and pharmaceutical companies.

At the moment, anyone seeking to advertise their services in natural, complementary, holistic and integrative medicine faces a level of scrutiny and scepticism far beyond anything presented to mainstream medicine. The result of this is that many safe, effective treatments are failing to be brought to the attention of the public.

Freedom4Health provides a focus to promote the benefits of natural health therapies and to campaign for the public’s right to have reliable information about them. We are at the forefront of providing information about the discrimination and bias about these therapies and seek to make reliable information as broadly available as possible.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is not an official government body, as many people believe. It is a private, self-regulatory body funded through a levy on advertisements. The often arbitrary judgments it makes on the supposed reliability of advertisements can cause great harm to businesses.
Freedom4Health (F4H) came about because the ASA has shown an unwillingness to take into account evidence of the workability of a range of different health therapies. F4H’s aim is to ensure that natural health practitioners are able to promote their services and products fairly and openly and to ensure that the general public have freedom of health choice.

As the ASA is privately funded via the advertising industry, it has a systemic reliance on the biggest providers of revenue, in the case of health these are the food and pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, the ASA acts on complaints from the public, a system which is open to abuse, when negative campaigns are run by those with vested interests against complementary therapies.

F4H believes strongly that all medical practices should be open to scrutiny. But this scrutiny must be fair, whether you are operating in mainstream or complementary medicine.

We are asking for help: we need anyone who supports equality in the medical profession to get behind our campaign to take the ASA to task and bring about a system where all medical practitioners have an equal chance to get their message across.

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