In the UK and throughout the world, non-mainstream approaches to health and natural living are struggling to survive.
Right the Injustice
The UK Advertising Standards Authority continues to show disregard for evidence when investigating the advertising of complementary, holistic and integrative medicine.
It's all About Choice
F4H believes that consumers can be trusted in making their own decisions whether they want to see a complementary practitioner or a GP about a physical complaint or both.

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Sorry we have been quiet this last week, I have been having a tiny break and also putting the finishing touches to the newsletter I'm going to send out and also gathering quotes! If you have anything fabulous one of your clients said about your treatment on F4H day feel free to add this here! All welcome here! If you would like to be on our database and you didn't sign up as a practitioner feel free to get hold of us at ... See MoreSee Less

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