About the Freedom4Health Team

We are a group of natural medicine practitioners and concerned individuals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds who wish to see the growth and development of natural health therapies and treatments.  Furthermore, we support the legal right of UK citizens to unfettered access to information about natural health/complementary/alternative therapies provided this is honestly and responsibly presented.

Martin Weightman is the Director of Freedom4Health and has worked in the field of human rights for more than 30 years. He has been (and still is) actively involved in a number of human rights organisations working on issues such as human rights education, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, psychiatric abuse and particularly the use of psychiatric drugs on children. Much of this time he was based in Brussels where he was involved with the European Union institutions as well as other international human rights bodies such as the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Amongst his work experience is investigating human rights abuse, gathering information and presenting a case to right these wrongs. In doing so he has extensive experience with European and national parliamentarians and officials as well as concerned academics and other human rights organisations.