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You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth

That at least is what we are meant to believe according to a recent article in the Guardian. The article was a “hit” on detoxification and the body’s ability to do this. And who was rolled out to support it? – Edzard Ernst along with a “study” done by Sense about Science (as supporters of F4H will be well aware both Ernst and Sense about Science are notoriously hostile to Natural Health Therapies).
With many nutritionists and colonic therapists filling the ranks of our supporters we were somewhat dumbstruck by the nonsense in much of the article.  The author talked about how it was physiologically impossible to do detoxification and that our bodies do this without the need of an expensive juicer or colonic irrigation – of which they were completely dismissive.
The article tries to ridicule the value of fasting as a part of our cultural and religious heritage and quotes Ernst and Sense about Science. Ernst goes as far as saying that, “there are 2 types of detoxes: one is respectable and the other isn’t.” ,The respectable one, he says, is the medical treatment of people with life-threatening drug addictions” The other is the word being hijacked by entrepreneurs, quacks and charlatans to sell a bogus treatment that allegedly detoxifies your body of toxins you’re supposed to have accumulated.”
The article speaks with the same voice as those pursuing and harassing CAM therapies.  It ignores how good food and super charged nutrients help the body to fight inflammation, disease and dysbiosis through a targeted detoxification programmes.


Professor Longo of the University of California’s Longevity Institute has produced convincing research that supports fasting. Even a very short fast turns on our repair genes. If the body isn’t using a huge amount of energy for growth and reproduction, it goes into repair mode.
Research into fasting goes back to the early 1940s. One of the first studies done in 1945 was on mice. Those separated into a group and fasted lived longer and were not growth stunted like the mice in the control group. The key to this was all around the IGF-1 growth factor. Fasting reduces the amount of this you have in the body and therefore promotes longevity.  
There is ample evidence to show that toxins can be stored in the body, particularly body fat, yet there is no mention of this in the article. Instead, it is an attack on the detox industry as a whole. That is not to say that the word ‘detox’ is not abused and overused – but the article has no sense of balance whatsoever. It eventually pushes the line that the ASA should look into detoxification claims – so let’s watch out and see whose orders the ASA will be following next.
Read the full article here


Denise Welch hits back at ASA over a diet programme banned by the ASA

Denise Welch, the Coronation street star has recently spoken out about the ASA adjudication issued a few weeks ago. In the adjudication the ASA asked Lighter Life to comment on Denise’s ‘unhealthy’ over 2lbs weight loss a week. This was despite Welsh’s health being at risk from being obese.

lighter life

Ms Welch’s weight loss was around four and a half pounds a week.
In response, Welsh said that ‘the Advertising Standards Authority need to get out more’.
…‘Weight loss companies are trying to help people, and yet they aren’t even allowed to tell us what they can do for us. The ASA said claims of exact weight loss ‘must be compatible with good medical and nutritional practice’.
Yet another example of how the ASA are giving people less choice over health and curtailing freedom to speech!

Read the full article in the Daily Mail

The patented substance Pycnogenol attacked this week on the ASAs adjudication list

Pharma Nord (UK) Ltd is on the ASA adjudication list this week for their supplement Bio-Pycnogenol. They were asked to provide evidence and clinical trials to prove this ‘prevents springtime sneezes’ Pycnogenol has been safely used for centuries and is a mixture of 40 or more plant chemicals, including flavonoids and antioxidants. Pycnogenol is used as a treatment for lots of things, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), menopausal symptoms, blood vessel disorders, diabetes and its complications, jet lag, erectile dysfunction and hypertension and hay fever. Most of the human studies on Pycnogenol have been done by the same team of researchers in Italy and Germany. Pycnogenol has been prescribed with some success in Europe to treat chronic venous insufficiency, a syndrome that includes swelling of the legs, leg ulcers and varicose veins. Several preliminary studies have found that the compound may have some potential as a treatment for diabetic retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the eye).

Pharma nord

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