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Seeking all Therapists – Practitioners wanted throughout the UK for Freedom4Health day on 3rd June

Freedom4Health are launching a Natural Health Care Day on 3rd June to give the broad public an opportunity to learn more about different natural health possibilities and to promote the many benefits of natural health.
We believe that anyone should have the right to readily available information on a wide range of natural health modalities and to choose his or her own method of health care which should, as a broad principle, be supported by the NHS.
Natural health solutions make sense.
Not only are they mostly non-intrusive, do not use pharmaceutical drugs or have harmful side-effects, they will also save our failing healthcare system, the NHS, millions if not billions of pounds when used in the appropriate circumstances.
As it is, information on natural health choices is often put down or repressed by vested interests. On Fredom4Health Day, as a practitioner, if you would like to participate you will agree to give a free introductory consultation (length of time is up to you) to members of the public that request this. You’ll be able to maintain contact with the person thereafter, should they wish you to do so, and provide any further service they request.
We will promote this through our newsletter and social media as well as endeavour to promote this widely in national media and in a variety of other ways.
All we ask is that you sign up to become a member of Freedom4Health, which you can do on our website or by sending an email.
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More likely to be struck by lightning than to die of taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, yet the scrutiny on these products continues

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A person resident in the UK is an incredible 293,006 times more likely to die from preventable medical injuries than from taking a food supplement. For herbal medicines, the figure stands at a whopping 36,625 times! Yet there is still more regulation on supplements than there is on potentially more harmful substances such as sugary snacks and drinks, pesticides and toxic substances in highly processed foods – to name a few. However we don’t see the huge food giants being regulated or scrutinized appropriately .

When you notice this type of hypocrisy, scratch the surface and you likely find some serious lobbying money behind this. European and national restrictions undermine the supplement industry. Essentially, if supplements become regulated like drugs – only the drug companies will end up manufacturing them and you can expect that lower quality, non-availability of various remedies and price will become a significant factor in further undermining the health of the population.


ASA gets involved in Fracking leafleting

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.48.55Interestingly The ASA are now getting involved in political issues and claims, this time it’s all about fracking.

A local resident and ex oil and gas industry worker, was behind one of the recent complaints to the ASA in a leaflet that talked about the dangers of fracking to the environment.

He made complaints about the ‘lack of scientific evidence’ something the ASA uses as a regular sound bite while denying the evidence that does not fit their definition.

However, Bob Dennett, a member of RAFF (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking) who put the leaflets together, said: “Every single claim in that brochure has been substantiated by peer-reviewed science. Ever since we started this campaign we have tried to engage in public debate with the shale gas industry, but they have consistently refused to be involved in that debate.”

Freedom 4 Health goes on the airwaves!

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Deborah Walker recently interviewed the Campaigns Activist for F4H to talk to her about what we have been involved in in the last few months. Food for thought has over the years talked to various people involved in promoting natural health. It’s worth listening into the previous issues of this if you are interested.
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