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The UK Advertising Standards Authority has shown bias and disregard for evidence when investigating the advertising of complementary, holistic and integrative medicine. It acts as prosecutor, judge and jury in one, despite having no legal authority, and publishes highly questionable "adjudications" on its website. Rather than being a balanced and independent assessment of the facts, these adjudications are more akin to a highly one-sided PR campaign against any unorthodox approaches to health care.

Help us right this wrong!

This website provides easy steps to allow you support our efforts. Read about what the problem is and what you can do about it. Learn more about existing cases and what you can do if you are contacted by the ASA. Help us spread the word!

In the UK and throughout the world, non-mainstream approaches to health and natural living are struggling to survive. This is not only an issue with advertising. Herbal and other natural remedies are becoming difficult to trade due to restrictive regulations. Those selling unprocessed foods such as raw milk and organic seeds or vitamins are constantly battling new laws and any form of medicine that doesn't come out of a pharmaceutical company is labeled unscientific and therefore accused of not working. F4H is taking up the battle with one part of this problem. Many so-called complementary or natural therapies are every bit as effective and every bit as scientific as orthodox medicine. Many are more so and all are safer. Mainstream medicine has a very important place in health care but so do natural therapies. The scientific argument of what works and what doesn't will one day be answered by open and unbiased scientific discourse. But it cannot be answered by government regulators, self-regulatory bodies or courts of law.

F4H believes that consumers can be trusted in making their own decisions whether they want to see a complementary practitioner or a GP about a physical complaint or both.

Can you treat or diagnose as a practitioner? Exposing the myth.
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 Complaint filed with Ofcom opposing ASA's position as a regulator

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Freedom4Health has recently filed an opposition to ASA's continued cooperation with Ofcom covering 9 different points all focused on grounds that amount to it being biased against the promotion of natural health solutions.

For more details see our press release here

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ASA - documented evidence - a story of evasion and bias

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Highlights of an exchange between Professor Peter Matthiessen and Dr Gudrun Bornhöft, chief researchers and authors of the Swiss Health Technology Assessment of homeopathy (HTA), and the ASA (whose CEO is Mr. Guy Parker, and Sir Hayden Philips is their Independent Reviewer). (full article here)

Homeopathy: Medicine for the Twenty-first Century (H:MC21) provided the ASA two years ago with a…

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Advertising Standards Authority Exposed

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In the December 2013 issue of What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine, Rob Verkerk takes the ASA to task and exposes it for what it really is: a private company that has become a tool for so-called sceptics to attack non-mainstream therapies. Read the full article here.

ASA article in What Doctors Don't Tell You December 2013

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