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Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely break and had time to reflect on how you want to prioritise your health and also support others in 2015!
This week we are focusing solely on product suppliers and practitioners who have been repeatedly harassed by the ASA Ltd in a round up of cases we found in 2014. The following is a collection of those who have fought back and got somewhere! WDDTY ran a story last week also highlighting some of the tactics and methods applied by officers of the ASA.



Derek Price who set up LadyCare in the UK went to court to stop the ASA harassing him about his product LadyCare. They invited the Office of Fair Trading and remarkably, as many think the ASA and OFT are one and the same (which they aren’t), the OFT agreed with the evidence that LadyCare provided. This was settled out of court. Interestingly they were told by an Officer of the ASA, which was confirmed by their solicitors, that ASA ‘would never accept any of your clinical trials for your products as if we did this for you, this would open the floodgates for all other magnetic products’.

However this wasn’t the end of the situation and they continued to be harassed despite the OFTs support.  Derek in our opinion has one of the largest amounts of evidence to prove that his product works and is fit for purpose, including many clinical trials.  The product is used by the NHS and continues to gain support by many users worldwide, including an endorsement by international singer Belinda Carlisle. Read more about LadyCare here Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.10.20







Jenny Hautman Homeopath

homeopathy“…Late last year (2013) I received a complaint from the ASA, and what followed was one of the best things that has happened for my business (though no thanks to the intentions of the ASA), and I continue to get new enquiries regularly as a result.  Read more about how Jenny Hautman got the ASA to ‘back off’ with her 7 step approach.  Jennys approach was also featured on the latest edition of WDDTY.

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SmileQigong and Ron Prescot ND

Ron Prescot ND of SmileQigong supports patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME with the ancient art form of Qigong. He has had some amazing success stories. However last year he was contacted by ASA Ltd and his situation took a rather nasty turn of events as the ASA went to his local paper to ‘name and shame’ him into complying, resulting in having his clinic contract terminated.


Quinton Water

“…Quinton water is highly documented and has had some of the largest and longest clinical studies ever performed.   It has been hailed by very eminent doctors and scientists over the years…. Had I been unaware of what the ASA Ltd really are I would probably have been worried.  As I knew they are just a limited company, I wasn’t overly concerned”…. Read about how Quinton water dealt with the ASA.







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