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 Australian ‘ No jab no pay’ mandatory steps to enforce vaccination in the second state since 2014

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For years the people who own the corporate world have had influence on the medical world. In the 50s-80s the tobacco industry influenced doctors with its powerful lobbying influence and in those days actively encouraged people with ‘nerve issues’ to smoke. Then it was the food industry pushing government departments and allowing food to be promoted without remit that actively gave you chronic health issues. Now, we are being sold on vaccines and genetically modified foods. Many government Departments such as the FDA in America and Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the equivalent over in the UK, the Department of Health, actively push inoculations. When I worked in healthcare many years ago there were days where the ‘Flu jab’ would be actively given its own day on the road in vans and pushed in chemists and the workplace. The ‘have you had your flu jab’ days were actually funded by the Department of Health in a drive to get the nation fully loaded up. Interestingly, the government even admitted last year that these inoculations were useless. 

It’s estimated that the £20.5 billion global vaccine market as it exists today could very well be worth more than three times that within 10 years.

In Australia this has now gone one step further in terms of forced vaccinations, as from 1st January 2016 the second state has made it so that parents will no longer be able to claim ‘conscientious objection’ in regards to vaccination if they ever want to claim child benefits. This approach will also apply to those families who rely on childcare places via the benefits system. In the current healthcare system child vaccination take up in Australia is 90% and the status of vaccination is only checked at 1 years, 2 years and 5 years old.  Objections will still be able to be made on religious and medical grounds. However this will be rigorously investigated.
This approach represents a way to hit people economically as many middle income parents will rely on the childcare benefits system to ensure they can raise their families and also work.
No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will by hitting parents in the pocket. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend schools, activities, and childcare centres.


Seeking all Therapists – Practitioners wanted throughout the UK for Freedom4Health day on 3rd June

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Freedom4Health are launching a Natural Health Care Day on 3rd June to give the broad public an opportunity to learn more about different natural health possibilities and to promote the many benefits of natural health.
Click here to sign up
We believe that anyone should have the right to readily available information on a wide range of natural health modalities and to choose his or her own method of health care which should, as a broad principle, be supported by the NHS.
Not only are they mostly non-intrusive, do not use pharmaceutical drugs or have harmful side-effects, they will also save our failing healthcare system, the NHS, millions if not billions of pounds when used in the appropriate circumstances.
As it is, information on natural health choices is often put down or repressed by vested interests. On Fredom4Health Day, as a practitioner, if you would like to participate you will agree to give a free introductory consultation (length of time is up to you) to members of the public that request this. You’ll be able to maintain contact with the person thereafter, should they wish you to do so, and provide any further service they request.
We will promote this through our newsletter and social media as well as endeavour to promote this widely in national media and in a variety of other ways.

ASA adjudication list big hitters Juice Master ‘ Jason Vale’

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A few weeks ago The Juice Master Jason Vale was on the ASA’s ‘Informally Resolved’ adjudication list. As you can see, there was only one ‘complaint’ which is grounds enough for the ASA to spring into action.

Holland and Barratt were also given an adjudication, as was the Nutricentre that week. Just to show you its not just the smaller companies and practitioners that are targeted, it is also the big hitters and  we all need to stand firm against them! I spoke to  a practitioner today who said he was willing to put a substantial amount of money up for legal cases . Maybe its high time F4H started a crowdfunding campaign to support this, where we ask for donations. If all our members paid even a small sum of say of minimum £25, this would amount to quite a hefty sum to support legal defence against the ASA or pay for google ads as a counter to theirs.  What do you think?




Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership  will effect natural health and the NHS

An issue that is rarely reported in the mainstream media, and not wholly  understood by the general public, are trade agreements.
Trade agreements, have huge implications, both in terms of our economy and our daily lives.
Currently there is a huge trade agreement being negotiated between the US and the EU, which will have a major impact on the UK economy and other aspects of public and environmental health. This is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
There’s a lot at stake here, as this trade agreements is negotiating rules around medicines, local food programs, food safety programs, and even workers rights.

Trade Agreements Lower and Destroy Regulatory Standards

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal with regulations.
It is largely about creating ‘generic harmony’ among participating nations. Basically, they seek to set up the same regulatory infrastructure in all countries involved in the agreements.
In essence this means the same rules around

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  • Food Safety
  • Regulation of Chemicals
  • GM Food
  • Intellectual Property
  • Medicines
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Procurement

Although this seems like a good idea, in practice the reality is that standards drop in all areas and they give the corporate world more clout in terms of ‘ challenging’ a country on the grounds of contravening the agreement. It also means if a product is approved in the US it will also be approved in the UK.

Trade Agreements Give Corporations Legal Power to Oppose Regulations

This trade agreement currently under negotiation will give corporations legal rights to challenge any company if a corporation feels a nation’s regulation violates one of these trade agreements. For those in the health and wellbeing sector this will be disastrous. I can already see potential issues arising from larger pharma companies and supplement companies as one example and using this agreement as a way to get their way, under the guise of the law.
Currently the UK opposes GM food and it is only allowed in specific experimental areas. If this TTIP comes in then GM food may have carte blanch to set up agricultural programmes under the TTIP, using chemical products that under the EU were previously banned as ‘unsafe’
In terms of procurement the same rules applying across the pond for procurement and tendering will allow larger corporations to bid and win partnership deals both in the NHS and also in wellness sectors, which may well put small local people out of business and drive standards down in ‘ economies of scale’
The trade agreements also affect public health safety. In  Europe, the EU has some of the strongest public health protections in the world, under the ‘ Precautionary principal’ the premise behind this law is if there’s scientific uncertainty with regards to the safety of a product, it is not then permitted onto the market. In the US there are over 80 chemicals that are still used that are banned under this law in the EU. These chemicals would then be used in the EU under this ‘ generic harmonization’ of trade.
For more information on this and to sign a petition, please visit 38 degrees to help raise the issues in Parliament

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