In the August edition of CAM magazine, F4H’s own Martin Weightman has helped to educate readers by providing information about the ASA, which CAM published in an article. Martin gave readers a really good update on who the ASA are, their remit and he goes into detail about the alternative to the ASA through the GRCCTs Advertising Certification. It’s a great read and you can see it on-line at So, please feel free to share with colleagues. We will also be at the visiting the CAM Expo this year so if you want to speak to us let us know beforehand and we can arrange to meet.

Link to Full Article

2 thoughts on “CAM – Show the ASA the back door

  1. Interested to see CAM magazine take on ASA but your link to the site only gets to front door, as far as I can see nothing available unless you are a subscriber. A google search of the site returned nothing on Martin Weightman.
    Maybe you could get permission from them to have a version here.

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